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AGNI FINE CUISINE, The one and only purpose built majestic Indian restaurant in whole Western Australia, offers you a wide range of award winning, mouth watering dishes. Whether it is a romantic dinner for two of a group function, our luxurious Indian decor sets the mood and atmosphere for you. Our vibrant staff will make you feel at home and ensure you an unforgettable dining experience. 

We select only the best and freshest ingredients to ensure you get what is perfect. Spices direct from India are entered into our curry pots capturing the aroma and flavours and then served straight to your table. If you have questions about being a vegan, vegetarian or gluten free, your answers are right here. You will still be able to enjoy our meals as we cater for all the requirements.

So, come and experience The Incredible India and it’s finest cuisine right here in Perth, Dine in or Take away, the option is yours, So try it for yourself.


Good Quality Indian Food
I order from here regularly. The vegetarian meals are fantastic and my partner says the Lamb Korma is the best he has ever had. Takeaway is fantastic and prompt and always hot and fresh. I have only dined in the restaurant a couple of times but when I have the service has been great and there is a doorman there on weekends. The buffet is good but I prefer to order from the menu because it tastes fresher and I know what I like, although the buffet is good if you want to try everything. The only time I've had any issue here was when a naan was missed from my takeaway order but the staff called me before I could get home to let me know and when I got back to the restaurant the staff member was in the car park waiting for me with the naan and a free entree! Great place!

Nat123; ( - 30 Mar, 2013

From the moment I saw the Indian-attired doorman as I mounted the steps i knew that we were in for a good night. We found the wait staff very accommodating as we couldn't decide what to order. They answered all of our questions patiently, allowing us further time to make our decision.and also helping us to find the best array...

Wesli, Bunburry; ( - 13 Apr, 2013

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